Director’s Notes

This is a devilishly ingenious little play. A man of letters has sold his soul for 24 years of youthful power and glory with Mephistopheles as his servant. Now he stands at the edge of midnight on his final day, clutching his diary, contemplating the meaning and the meaninglessness of his journey, his memory, his privacy and even language itself. 

Costumes: Eleanor Cotey

Lights: Jason Fassl

Set: Edward Morgan & The Pritzlaff Building

Sound: Edward Morgan & Michael Cotey


“…a superb production…Under Edward Morgan’s direction, [Michael] Cotey makes seemingly effortless transitions among these wide-ranging emotions, all of which embody what it means to be human – and none of which an envious Satan can feel.”

– Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

“Director Edward Morgan creates just the right atmosphere and tone for the piece, which is performed in an ominously beautiful warehouse space, complete with a freight elevator that takes Faustus on his final journey. An Apology…. is unlike anything you’ve seen in a conventional theater…” – Milwaukee Magazine

“Under the direction of Edward Morgan, Youngblood brings the necessary artistic smarts to make the austere script come alive.”

– Milwaukee Theatre Examiner

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